For this special bar and club tour? we have organized a whole bunch of ? specials for you.


Quote Wikipedia: “The pub-crawl (English pub – pub, crawl – crawl; dt. Pub crawl or bar crawl) is particularly common in Great Britain and describes the moving of a group to as many pubs as possible in one evening. The term  crawl  indicates the physical condition of the participants at the end of the event. „

We do not want to withhold this time-honored tradition from Stuttgart! We have persuaded some of the best bars and clubs to open their doors to hordes of people who are hungry for drinking and partying and to throw out welcome drinks. With our cooperation partners, such as Jägermeister and Wulle, you will get even more free drinks and goodies and thus we present you with an absolutely well-rounded concept: The DHBW-Insider !!

Included services:

? Warm-up drink at the starting point ? Guided tour ? Free entry to several bars ? Welcome shots in every bar ? Drinking games like Flunky Ball ? After parties in hot clubs ? Top people ? Real live tinder
? Shit if you misbehave ? Sore feet ? Morning sickness , Headaches and your ridiculous resolution “never more alcohol!” ?